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“Crystal is an amazing doula.  She was by my side during my labor and delivery. She comforted me during contractions and complications and encouraged me and held my head up while I was pushing.   I knew that I wasn’t alone.  If she was calm I was calm.  She has a wonderful spirit.  I can’t express how much I love her and absolutely recommend her for anyone considering a doula. She is fun, sensitive, intuitive and a mighty wonderful presence to have at the birth of your child.  I am proud that she was my doula and I am proud to call her friend!”

—A & C, baby J

“When I called Crystal, she was immediately incredibly caring and understanding. The first time I met with her, she made me feel relaxed with her down-to-earth personality and good-natured sense of humor. She was kind and accepting, and I felt very comfortable opening up to her. Discussing the birthing process and what I might experience was extremely helpful for me. I began to feel at ease and confident about the idea of giving birth, which made the rest of my pregnancy much more enjoyable. Crystal gave me the words of encouragement and advice that I needed and was a constant support. I am happy and proud to say that my labor could not have gone more smoothly.”

—B & baby F

“She’s an excellent resource. She cares about what your partner would think/feel in the situation and is sure to ask how she can assist them. She is the best hand holder.  She was such a source of grounding when I would open my eyes searching for relief. What I needed from her was emotional and mental help and I felt she absolutely provided that.  I can’t say enough wonderful things about Crystal and how supportive and caring she was prenatally and while in labor. I would highly recommend choosing her as your doula.”

—M & N, baby S

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“She would look me in the eyes and tell me I could do it. Especially at the last when I was super scared and didn’t want to go through with it.  She would hold my hand and let me squeeze as hard as I wanted. She rubbed my back. She handed me my water bottle and offered other positions to labor in that would take pain off my lower back. She was very helpful through out my pregnancy.  Crystal was amazing!”

—N & C, baby E

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“When she arrived she didn’t jump right in with suggestions or ever act anything but calm and relaxed. This helped me feel that everything that was happening was normal.  She is very experienced, knowledgeable, and helpful. She lived up to every promise she made and did her best to encourage the best outcome for us.”

—C & J, baby A

“Crystal showed me different positions to be in which helped me during my labor. One position would work for a while and she seemed to have never ending ideas for different things to try.  I would say she was an amazing support and she changed the whole aspect of my birth.”

—J & baby C

“The encouragement and support that Crystal provided to me and my husband allowed us both to focus solely on the business of giving birth while knowing we had someone keeping us on the right track. She gave me the confidence that I could do exactly what I wanted to do, which was having an amazing, peaceful, natural birth; and I did. I’m convinced that I would not have been able to have that experience without her as my doula, especially in a hospital setting.”

—K & A, baby A



“My experience with Crystal was awesome! She helped a lot while I was having prelabor pains for weeks before I even went into labor. I am so grateful I had her at my birth. She made it the most wonderful experience.”

—S & J, baby A