The resources listed here are provided as a starting point.  Of course I strongly encourage everyone to ask questions and make your own personal choices about the care providers you choose to find the fit that is right for your family.

→  Just For Clients – resources and forms for my current clients can be found here.

→ Are you looking for a doula in Kitsap County?  I recently relocated to Everett, and am currently only taking on previous clients who are birthing in Kitsap.  Peninsula Birth Network is a great website to find Kitsap doulas.

Breastfeeding Support

Nurture New Life
Catherine Fenner, IBCLC

The Second 9 Months
Renee Beebe, IBCLC

Sound Beginnings

Mountain Mama Lactation Services
Brandi Crockett, IBCLC

Snohomish Valley Breastfeeding
Shannon Demiter, IBCLC

La Leche League of West Snohomish County (LLL is an international breastfeeding support organization that offers free peer-led community groups designed to support breastfeeding moms)

La Leche League of Snohomish



Bayside Birth

Sprout Birth Center & Natural Health

Northshore Midwives

Seattle Midwives

Cascade Midwives


Placenta Encapsulation

Birth Matters NW

The Nurtured Leaf

Nourishing Roots


Childbirth Education Classes

Heart of Birth
Birthing from Within CBE classes

Sharon Muza
A variety of classes offered in Seattle, including VBAC Your Way, Cesarean Your Way, and 7 week standard CBE classes

Expecting Miracles
Community organization offering free CBE classes to teen, single, and low income moms/families.


Postpartum Support

NAPS Doulas
NAPS (Northwest Association for Postpartum Support is a certifying organization for postpartum doulas

Perinatal Support Washington
Support groups, warm line and other resources for postpartum support

Postpartum Support International (PSI)



Dr. Kaylee English
Purity Integrative Health & Wellness Center


Misc. Resources

Ohlson Integrative Health
Naturopathic medicine with a focus on women’s health, fertility, parenting and more

PEPS – Program for Early Parent Support
Community based groups, education and support for new parents

Jill Colley
Sleep Consultant – consults available via Skype

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