You can meet your baby feeling
heard, supported, empowered, and respected.

You want this birth to be differentI know how true that is for you, mama. But above all else, you want to know that your voice is heard. You want to trust the people around you to respect your wishes and respond to your needs. You want to feel nurtured and supported. You want to tap into the courage, strength and inner wisdom that you know is there.

I help women and their partners feel supported, informed, and prepared so that they can face their birth with confidence.


You’re having a baby! You’re expecting again and you want things to be different this time.

You’re reading the books and the blogs and you’re asking all the questions you can think of. You’re less worried about a baby registry, and more concerned about choosing the right provider and best facility for the birth you want. You’re gathering resources and arming yourself with information because you are a mama on a mission. You want your partner to feel confident in their role so you can travel this path together. You know it’s time to let go of those old worries and fears. You are ready to feel excited and confident about this birth. And you are looking forward to holding that squishy-delicious baby for the first time – clear headed, joyful, and empowered!


I might be the doula for you if:

  • You know what you want, but need a little help figuring out how to get it.
  • You are ready to make some big decisions to set yourself up for success (even if it feels a little bit scary).
  • You feel like I’m speaking your language when I say things like “informed consent” and “risks versus benefits”.
  • You have a strong desire to feel seen, heard & respected as a woman AND as a birthing mom.
  • You are ready to find that fierce, courageous, amazing birthing mama inside you…..and invite her to come forward.

Here’s the scoop on me:

I’m Crystal. I’m a birth doula and a believer in the incredible power of women. I began this work because I saw for myself that birth could be different – empowering, amazing, life changing, inspiring – and I wanted to help other parents experience that. I dream about a world where women know ALL their options and are fully informed and supported in the choices that are right for them in pregnancy and birth. I believe that as women experience labor and birth, they should get to fall in love with their baby, their partner AND themselves in the process.

What I offer my clients:

  • An understanding of what it means to be birthing again after a challenging/traumatic birth.
  • Full support for YOUR birth choices: natural, medicated, planned repeat cesarean, it’s all good. What I bring to the table is my full support for what works for you.
  • Pre-birth planning visits to talk about, dream about and plan for your amazing birth.
  • Birth story processing – let’s talk about your previous birth experience(s) and put some of your worries and fears to rest.
  • Continuous labor & birth support – my clients say I’m the best hand holder.
  • Help creating a postpartum plan – after baby comes, you know there can be some emotional changes and challenges. Let’s work on a plan for that.
  • Postpartum follow up – to check in, hear your thoughts about the birth and squish that baby!


What my clients say:

Crystal provided so much information and helped us to feel totally confident in all of our decisions. When I was in labor she arrived and just her presence made me feel calm and ready to have our baby. Her cues throughout labor and delivery were exactly what I needed to hear and helped me to push through the tough spots. I was nervous about hiring a doula, but I know with complete certainty that she is exactly what our family needed and I cherish our experience with her. - Melissa

We might be a match made in heaven if you:

  • believe coffee, chocolate and hugging someone you love can set the world right again.
  • prefer to read “real” books… know, the kind with pages!
  • know how important it is to crazy-laugh with your girlfriends…..over inside jokes and insane toddlers.
  • believe in speaking your truth and being a truly authentic version of YOU.
  • do hard things…..even when it feels a little scary.

Let’s do it, mama. Let’s put together your rockstar birth team and make things different this time. Take a minute to see what my clients have to say about me, read a complete description of my services & fees, or let me know that you’re ready to chat.

New born baby boy

I work with first-time moms on a limited, case-by-case basis. First-time mamas who are a good fit for me are often planning an unmedicated or out-of-hospital birth, *OR* have special circumstances like a history of sexual abuse or trauma. Don’t hesitate to get in touch if you are a first-time mom and feel like you would like to work with me. I’m open to chatting so we can explore together if we’d make a good team or I will happily make some referrals and help you connect with just the right doula for you.