How will you remember your baby’s birth?

I help pregnant people and their partners feel supported, informed, and prepared so that they can face their birth with confidence.

You won’t regret having someone by your side to support you as you travel your birth path with courage and joy, gathering memories and moments that will last a lifetime.

I believe that every birthing person has an inner source of courage, strength, and intuition. As a doula, I help you tap into those resources to stay calm and strong during birth and the transition to parenthood.

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What my clients say:

Crystal is an amazing doula....She has a wonderful spirit. I can’t express how much I love her and absolutely recommend her for anyone considering a doula. She is fun, sensitive, intuitive and a mighty wonderful presence to have at the birth of your child. - Antoinette


Birthing Again?

I specialize in working with families who are birthing again after a challenging or traumatic birth experience. Maybe your previous birth experience was not what you were hoping for. We can work together to ensure that this birth is different.
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Have Questions?

Are you wondering what exactly a doula does? Want to know more about how a doula can help support you during your pregnancy and birth? Check out my FAQ to get many of your questions answered.
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Get Started!

You’re ready to meet….terrific! Let’s set up a time for a no-obligation consultation. I’d love to hear more about your plans and hopes for your birth and have a chance for us to get to know each other a bit.
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What my clients say:

She gave me the confidence that I could do exactly what I wanted to do, which was having an amazing, peaceful, natural birth; and I did. - KristiAnn